Monday, February 16

2/15 A Break

Last night was a break of sorts. I realized that I've been a little grouchy at work (possibly because I'm there all the time and more than a little burnt out) so I tried hard to get back to my old self. I used to be helpful and happy and joking. I don't know if I succeeded, but I at least tried.

I took a delivery to a guy whose beard made his chin/neck look like a butt. His beard was just a thin line outlining where his jaw-line should have been with a line coming up the middle from where his chin should have been to his bottom lip. The only problem was that his goiter was already shaped like a butt and so the middle line made a nice butt-crack. The effect was a lot like a woman who uses lip-liner to create lips where she has none. It looked ridiculous. Did I mention that he "forgot" to fill out the tip and total lines on the credit card and when I asked him to do so he scoffed and pointedly asked me what the total was again (even though it was written on the receipt) and gave me no tip. This guy makes me want to start an anonymous snail-mail campaign to non-tippers.

I'm thinking of starting a new statistical study to determine if there is any relevance of a person's age, race, sex, or wealth to tipping. I will classify each person as youth, young, mid, or old and will classify wealth by the neighborhood they live in (low, average, mid , and high). Though this will only be relevant to my geographic area it should at least be interesting. I'm thinking that I'll need a sample of at least 100 deliveries over at least 4 weeks.

I brought home $23 last night.

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