Wednesday, February 25

2/22 PizzaGirl to the rescue

Since I've been sick (bleh!) I forgot to write about my shift on Sunday. I only took 2 deliveries and made $9 but I made a friend out of Blond Bopper. Blond Bopper and Skinny Bopper were sticking fliers on boxes when Eyebrows came up and put his hand on Blond Boppers and "offered" to hold the boxes up while she dabbed glue. She politely declined but he refused to move his hand, so in order to stop touching him she had to agree to allow him to help. Then he tried to get in on the conversation and he would lean in very close before saying anything. To say the least, Blond Bopper was freaked out. For the rest of the night, I physically got between Blond Bopper and Eyebrows every time he looked like he was going to come over near us. In the end Blond Bopper got me a free soda from the fast food chain in our parking lot (she works there as well).

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