Monday, February 9

2/8 Back to Normal

Now that Stinky is gone, things are getting back into a nice rhythm. Last night we were short on Boppers and unusually busy for a Sunday. I spent a lot of time on the cut station even when my deliveries were already ready because if I left pizzas would fall on the floor. Pizzas did fall on the floor, though not due to my negligence. El Jefe was pissed.

Saturday was fairly slow. I still walked out with over $60 but it was hard-won. I saw a house which had a sign outside that had the names of everyone in the family (and their pets). Normally I wouldn't think anything of it, but that day, I couldn't help thinking that it isn't really very safe for strangers to know the names of the kids and pets in the house. Kids will trust someone just because that stranger knows their name and talks to them about Fluffy. I honestly hope that someone brings it to the attention of the parents.

I was amused by:
  • Tiny adorable woodland ceramic bunnies on either side of a tiny ceramic vicious alligator.
  • The chihuahua that is still so fat that it is rejecting it's eyeballs and the fact that its owners have given up on ordering a Diet Pepsi with their double-bacon pizza and desert and just decided to order double-bacon pizza and two deserts.
  • Other Chick Driver
  • Manwhore Manager's winter tan because it is really really orange and men that tan are amusing in general

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