Monday, February 2

1/30,31 An Accident, A Dog, and the Super Bowl

There is this intersection in my town that it awful. I usually avoid it. It is a four lane road with a 60 mile per hour speed limit and neighborhoods along one side. The problem is that there is no turn lane and it's a very busy road going both directions. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Imagine a string of cars in the left lane, traveling along at a normal pace and all the sudden the front one stops to turn into the neighborhood. The car behind them swerves around into the right lane. I was the car behind that car. I was the car that rear-ended the stopped car. Of course I was on duty. I had to call and get Day Driver to come get the pizza.

Did I mention that the lady I rear-ended was crazy? First, she kept the car stopped in the middle of the road for like 10 minutes. I immediately pulled off to the side. Then some teenagers that know her pulled up and walked out into the middle of the road to make sure she was okay. I honestly tried to tell them that in Texas it is illegal to block traffic with a minor accident. After that the cops arrived. Crazy had called them out as a hit and run! 1. It was not a hit and run, if Crazy had bothered to calm herself down and look around she would have seen me on the side of the road. 2. My license plate # was imprinted on her bumper. 3. I had a giant lit up pizza sign on top of my car, it wouldn't be that hard to track me down, so why would I run. Anyway, the cops got there, and half an hour later, surprise, surprise (just like I told Crazy when she finally pulled over the side and I walked over and gave her all my insurance stuff) they didn't issue any citations, didn't make an accident report, just handed us print outs with which to exchange information.

Went back to work after that. The rest of the night was okay. Tips were okay. I ended up with a little bit of whiplash (which nicely compliments my flue but more about that later).


I closed Saturday night. I was already getting sick, but the tips weren't too bad. Walked out the door with $65.

What is with people and their pets? I delivered to a super rich house and they had a white Bull Terrier. This dog was going absolutely nuts. The man had it by the collar and had managed to wrestle it to a sitting position and it was barking and snapping and generally acting that a crazy inbred dog. So the woman signs her receipt and takes the pizza and the man is cooing about what a good dog he's been and turns to me and says, "He was such a good dog, you have to come introduce yourself." I don't know what possessed me to actually think that this was a decent idea, but I reached in just enough for the dog to sniff me and it started snapping at me and even nipped me a little. Lesson to self: owners of crazy dogs are even crazier.


I spent yesterday sick, I'm still sick today, so I missed working on Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently it wasn't that busy but when I called in El Jefe refused to come to the phone. He told Thing One to tell me that I had to come in. I couldn't even walk let alone drive, so I stayed home. I don't even know who won the game I was so out of it.

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