Thursday, July 30

7/30 Ferngully

"Are you sure this is what you want little one? The dewdrops will be far too small for you to drink from and you will crush the flowers if you try to sit on them. You will be a constant destroyer and consumer of life without even realizing it."

Ferngully rolled over in her sleep. This dream often came to her when she went to bed early, which she often did, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful creature that spoke to her. This time she couldn't see the fairy. (She was almost sure it was a fairy because it had wings and shimmered. She could never look strait at it because the second she did it seemed to be made of water and fine powder and sunlight.) In the dream the warm breeze caressed her skin and carried with it the scent of earth and leaves. The stars twinkled, constantly drawing her attention from the radiant being before her.

"Are you sure that you want to be a human? You will know great pain and loneliness. Your voice will be loud and the animals will fear you. You will not be able to see us or call on your magic to help you. You will work hard for very little reward. Is this what you want?"


We have a new driver. She is the most adorable pixie-human I have ever seen so I call her Ferngully. I got sent home early so that she could stay later and "learn the area more". Made $4 off one delivery.

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Unknown said...

Pixie-people are always cuteish