Monday, July 20

7/18 Don't Blink!

I've only seen one full episode of Doctor Who. It's the episode with the angel statues. Watch this before reading the rest of this.

Did you watch it?

I delivered to a house with at least a dozen angel statues in the garden. All I could think was, "Don't blink." <- This is why I don't watch horror movies.

Then it turns out that the people in the house were inbred morons because they made two orders, one for carryout, one for delivery. Guess which one I delivered... and then had to go back to the store and get the other one and deliver it as well...which meant braving the angel statues a second time.

In unrelated fun:
Little Nicky missed out on every delivery boy's porn fantasy. He was delivering to our one apartment complex (which never EVER tips well) and this cute chick answers the door and tips him $9 then proceeds to "stretch" by flattening herself up against the wall and stretching suggestively. Little Nicky completely missed this cue and got back to the store after thinking it over to ask me if the girl was "begging for it" to which I had to reply that she definitely was. I told him he needed to call and make sure she enjoyed her pizza just in case he needed to come back out there. El Jefe (!!!) told him he needed to go back out there just to make sure she meant to tip him $9.

$26 off 9 - Customer Gold Star to my one excellent tip from the drunk lady.

P.S. Little Nicky has a plan to go down in flames in an attempt to get at ArmyCook. I've heard the plan and I would normally avoid the store on the designated night because 1. I really don't want to deal with the drama/deliver free pizzas and 2. because at heart I really believe in customer service and can't help but feel ethically conflicted at the whole thing. I'm not going to avoid the store, however, just so that I can let yall know how it goes down. Wish me luck (in about two weeks)!

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