Sunday, July 5

7/3 good tippin (no cow tippin)

I had a great night as far as averages go. Not a single tip was less than $4. I ended with $29 off 5 deliveries.

I'd like to take a moment to highlight a rare delivery where my tip was dependant on more than just luck and circumstances beyond my control. It started with me taking a phone order, thin crust double pepperoni extra cheese, she had a coupon, that was the complete order; all not good signs for a tip. I ended up with the delivery and everything went as normal. She wanted 3 back off a 20 leaving me a 3 tip... And then, as usual, I offered cheese and red pepper and she was surprised. She accepted and exclaimed that every time previously the driver had forgotten cheese and peppers. First, I can't believe that; I can't believe that any of our drivers would be that careless on a regular basis; I almost always have some with me. Anyway, as I was walking away she stopped me and gave me another dollar for being such a great driver. I feel like I should have that lady write me a letter of recommendation. I feel like she deserved a hug.

Nice customer, if you're reading this, I give you a hug.

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