Wednesday, July 22


One of my fellow delivery bloggers has recently run into some problems with his blog which have made me reflect on some of the reasons that I started this whole thing anonymously and why I keep it that way.

First, technically I'm supposed to be reporting all of my tips as income to the IRS and I don't. As far as I know this is standard practice in service positions. Any waiter, bartender, or pizza delivery person that I've ever talked to (with a few exceptions) will tell you that while they report enough tips to fly under the radar, they don't report them all. Personally I have no choice but to report all of my credit card and check tips. Usually these add up to make my "wages" more than minimum wage. I won't even get started on why I think it's unacceptable for Pizza Chain to subsidize their social obligation to pay me minimum wage with my tips. I don't want this blog to be used against me should a question arise about my income. This allows me to be totally honest here about how much I do (or don't) get tipped.

Second, I do not always say kind things about my fellow employees. This is mostly a venting mechanism because some of them really aren't that bad in general (example: Bambi Bopper). I don't want them to hear my secret thoughts and I certainly don't want them to think that those thoughts comprise my entire opinion of them.

Third, I do not always say kind things about my customers. This could create a liability for Pizza Chain. They might lose customers which impacts my job. I would probably lose my job despite the fact this this is First Amendment protected speech. At the very least I would be treated differently. Work would no longer have any of the shining moments of fun that occasionally happen.

I have no doubt that with a little diligence someone could figure out who I am, where I work, etc. The point of this isn't to hide but simply to protect my job, my coworkers, and my customers.


Thumper said...

The whole IRS/credit card thing is why we always tip in cash. I figure the people I tip can decide for themselves how much to declare, and if I tip cash, they don't HAVE to.

Come to get minimum not matter what, tips on top if it. And minimum is higher here than federal (ok so the cost of living is astronomical. Minor detail ;) )

Unknown said...

I'm a firm believer that the income tax system is messed up anyway (My personal income tax professor made us read The Fair Tax book during the class and I've been a tax rebel ever since) :)