Monday, July 13

7/12 Chickenstrip "pizza"

Sundays are now sexual-harassment free since Manwhore got fired! Yay! Other than that it was still pretty slow for most of the day. Lil Nicky came by to hang out with Stoner Manager for a while and make a chickenstrip pizza (which he invented). I'm told that this doesn't count as pizza, but it is delicious and on a pizza crust so I choose to define pizza loosely and include this lovely tasty masterpiece in the realm of pizza. Yes, my purpose in blogging this is to make everyone terribly envious of the fact that I can make whatever kind of pizza I want and you still can't order it.

Chickenstrip Pizza = regular crust + garlic butter sauce (instead of pizza sauce) + parcooked breaded chickenstrips cut into chunks + cheese + dip cooked slices in cold ranch

Sunday's Damn the Man: during the late afternoon business picked up very quickly but I was beyond caring about it and decided to take the long way back to the store several times

Customer Gold Star goes to a customer who lives way, way out of our delivery area and who tipped me $10. I think I'm going to recruit her to hold a seminar about being thankful for pizza delivery personnel who drive a long way to get to your house. This seminar will be located at the Country Club for the rich neighborhood located at the edge of our delivery area. I'll call it "You're Rich and Powerful, Now What?"


mkreckel86 said...

The Fox's non-orderable specialty is the meatball pizza. Crust (any) + sauce (i prefer marinara but we only have pizza sauce at the shop) + cheese and meatballs on top. Sprinkle Parmesan on the whole thing and viola.

somesoma said...

My off-the-menu calzone recipe:

-10" dough docked Cheesesticks style
-1/2 spoodle of sauce, spread on like a normal 10" pizza
-toppings (my favorites are chicken, both cheese blends, and jalapenos) on half the sauced dough
-cheese (about 3/4 cup)

Fold dough over the toppings, then use your fingers to seal the dough. Pull out a small piece of dough from the middle so the inner toppings heat more efficiently. Smother the top of the dough with garlic sauce, then shake on crushed red peppers, special seasoning, and parmesan. Send through oven and cut into four slices. Enjoy!