Monday, July 27

7/26 HUK KUM

I like opening on Sundays with Stoner Manager. He actually helps with prep unlike Manwhore who would just do the meat and ArmyCook who doesn't do shit. I only had to prep bell peppers. I like prepping bell peppers. They smell so delicious.

Story time: I get a delivery that is way, way out of area. I usually like those. I like the long drives on country roads. I like to see the farms (right now they're harvesting the corn and the broken stalks and chaff everywhere reminds me of "The Hollow Men" by e. e. cummings). I plug the address into my phone and am surprised upon arrival to see a keypad gate guarding the neighborhood. I check my delivery slip for a gate code. Nothing. Ok, I'll call them. No reception. Hmmmm, I'll keep trying. Nothing. Tried calling the store which seemed to work. Asked Stoner Manager to call them for the gate code but he knew the gate code (thanks for putting it in the notes section, ass!). Got through (cell reception resumes working the second I'm through the gates). Get to the door and hear a lady nagging her husband about something and then nagging him for continuing to argue when she had to go to the door and get the pizza. She handed over a $2 tip. As I walk back to my car, pissed because of the shitty tipping I notice the lisense on their truck says "HUK KUM" which obviously is for "hook 'em" but I choose to believe that they have a farm dog named Huk (because I know that poor nagged husband sure isn't getting any).

  • Getting $6 from crazy dogshow people. I love delivering to the dogshows if only because I can see that even my future life as a crazy-cat-lady will be not as crazy as them. They really didn't find my "I take my tips in puppies" joke to be funny. Maybe they thought I wanted to steal their yippy dogs.
  • Day Driver apparently smoked his weight in weed Saturday night because he was still fucked up when he finally made it in at almost 1 on Sunday (he was scheduled at 12:30)
Not Amusing
  • A parent answered the door and had her kids praying in the corner as punishment. I won't get into this other than to say that this pisses me off in ways that I can't briefly express in words.
Ended with $54 off 12


Unknown said...

"Not amusing". Agreed

LG said...

Good luck with your no twitter thing. I couldn't do no facebook for 24 hours. No way.

Unknown said...

@thepizzaguy are you on my twitter somewhere? remind me what your username is :) I try to keep track of which one of my followers are actual pizza people

Anonymous said...

Just so we know, what IS a proper tip?

somesoma said...

"A parent answered the door and had her kids praying in the corner as punishment"

Sounds like the mother from Carrie. "GO PRAY IN YOUR CLOSET!"

Nick said...

Making little kids pray in the corner is one of the stupidest, most abusive, God-hating things I can think of.

Day Driver is not emotionally ready to be a good manager.

The Hollow Men was written by TS Eliot (I know this because I am a total poetry dweeb)...