Monday, July 13

7/9 7/10 Gold Star customers

I'm back to working four days a week and I'm actually pretty excited about it. We have a new driver J/K who looks just like Jamie Kennedy and has a very nice ass. I think we're going to get along because he's pretty laid back and jumped right in when we were all standing around joking. Speaking of staffing changes, gossip is that Stoner Manager and Bambi are moving to another state at the end of the month. I couldn't quite confirm if they're just visiting or if they're actually moving, but from Lil Nicky saying he wants to make his last day the same day as Stoner Manager's last day and go out with a bang, I'm leaning towards the latter. Also I'm torn between really wanting to be working that day to witness whatever crazy antics Lil Nicky decides to pull and really not wanting to work just in case said antics make it hell on the other drivers.

Made $33 off 9 or 10 on Thursday and ~$37 off 11 on Friday.

  • New hotbags - they are nice and square and unsmooshed by countless generations of pizzagirls sleeping on them under the driver's table (oh, wait, that's just me)
  • Getting paid at least $10 in quarters (normally this would go in the not-amusing category, but I've been broke for weeks therefore depleting my supply of quarters for soda at my Primary Job). I didn't count it all because this customer was the middle run of a tripple, so I was in a hurry, but I'm pretty sure at least $4 or $5 worth was tip. Later the customer called the store to say they forgot to give me the rest of my tip which I could pick up if I dropped by. At that point I was heading out the door on another tripple, so I had to politely decline.
  • "Dear Pizza Person" note on the front door of a house. They were out back and needed me to bring it through the gate. They tipped $4 on a web order (meaning I could see the tip before I even started the delivery), so I was happy to oblige. They get a Customer Gold Star for realizing that special requests are best made with big tips.
  • A little girl who came to the door with her dad and kept trying to tip me quarters out of her Barbie coin purse. Her dad already had some tip money ($2, meh) for me, so he kept telling her to keep her money. Customer Gold Star to the little girl who obviously has an instinct for good tipping habbits. I hope her dad doesn't squash it by being cheap.
Not Amusing:
  • The "forgot the tip and total line" routine - this is the most common way for credit card customers to stiff me. I've done this before (a long long time ago before I became a pizzagirl and realized how cruel this is), so I know their thought process goes a lot like this: I really don't have the money to tip the driver -> I feel guilty about it -> I don't want to feel like an asshole -> I know! I'll just sign the receipt and act like I forgot to fill in the tip and the total line -> Now the driver will just think I'm a nice, scatterbrained person instead of an asshole who doesn't tip. <----I know your game! You did not get away with it! In fact, your scheming has made me hate you more! I'm talking to you lady in the tie-dyed shirt yelling at her kids and obviously trying to seem distracted.
  • Guy who can't read a receipt. Total is $18.98, he tipped a dollar, after 5 minutes of trying to figure out the math, comes up with a total of $18.48. Two steps forward, three steps back.
  • El Jefe telling me to tell the corporate inspector (if they ask) that my hair is purple because I'm in a play so that he doesn't get in trouble for not making me follow company guidelines. Even though I would probably do it, I'm not amused that I have to lie about something that's not a big deal. I've had far more compliments from customers than complaints (actually zero complaints).

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