Monday, July 27

7/24 Can I get a Yeehaw?!

Friday night was pretty damned busy. I took 17 deliveries (to put this in perspective, I took 12 off an all-day shift on Saturday) and made $96. A sweeeeet average tip of a little over $4.50.

There is one (and only one) good thing about grasshopper season... it coincides with bat season. If you've ever been to Austin during bat season, you know that it's awesome. People camp out near the bridges (which have been specially designed to be bat habitats) to watch them come out at night for feeding. Just as much fun is to stand around near really bright street-lights and watch the bats fly around and catch crickets/grasshoppers.

  • Getting ogled by a roofing crew if only because it makes me feel like I'm hot.
  • My only pen broke. I pretended at each house that this was the first house that it happened at. "Ohhhhhh nooooooo!!! I'm sooooo sorry my pen isn't worked at the last I need to go to the car and try to dig up another one?....of course I don't mind waiting while you go try to find a pen....thank you soooooo much for being understanding."
  • $15 dollar tip from a gentlemen digging in his wife's purse for money. The tab was $25, he put two twenties on the table and when I went to get change he said that wasn't necessary, I didn't argue. Customer gold star!
  • Got tipped with a new pen (and $5). What a nice guy! Customer gold star!

Not amusing
  • Getting ogled by a roofing crew because I'm trying to do my job and it makes me self-conscious
  • Delivered to a house on a street that had no house numbers. I stopped at the end of the street to call the people and there was a few kids loitering in a driveway so I asked them what their house # was (so I could try to count back to the one I needed). They said X700 I was looking for X770. They then proceeded to ask me who the pizza was for and what they ordered. Since I wasn't expecting cash I was super-wary and wasn't going to be the one that gave away the neighbor's pizza to some kids who tricked me into thinking it was theirs, so I brushed them off, pulled off a little ways and called the number. It was one of the kids on a cell phone. Burn on me!

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