Monday, July 6

Spider! and An Addled Driver

I completely forgot to mention my Damn the Man for Friday night! I was on the cut station cutting a pizza when a tiny spider crawled across the underside of the top of the box and I didn't even think about it but reached up with the slicer and squished it...then went right back to cutting the pizza.

Also, Thursday night I was chillin with GummyBear and I decided to spend my grocery money ordering pizza from my same chain but a different location. After they gave me some crap about my Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon (they said it's carryout only, which it isn't) I ordered delivery. The driver came to the door and I got my pizza no problem, gave a $5 tip and asked for some Parmesan cheese since he didn't offer it. He then proceeded to babble a little bit, litterally babble. At first I thought he didn't speak English very well, then I thought maybe he's a little retarded, then I though maybe he'd been abducted by aliens and they addled his brain. We'll stick with the last one because then he explained that he ALWAYS has some in his pocket and he just happens to not have some right then and proceeded to apologize and babble until I finally had to cut him off and close the door. He was still babbling after I closed the door. Makes me think twice about transfering to that location (did I mention that sometime this fall I'll be transfering locations?).


Lauren Vincelli said...

a transfer will mean all new boppers!

Unknown said...

exactly! I'll have to come up with all new nicknames. It'll be exciting. I think Stitches actually works at the store I'm going to, so there's one down, twenty or so to go.