Friday, July 17

7/16 Good tips and Malibu Ken's Contraption

Had a great night for tips last night. I had no stiffs and only one unacceptable tip ($2 off one that I took for Malibu Ken). Even Thing One tipped well and he's notorious for only tipping a dollar. There's an urban legend that once two drivers went out to deliver him pizza and he threw a dollar bill at them and said, "Fight over it." He probably only tipped well because he didn't even know the pizza was coming (Thing Two ordered it for him) so 1. He didn't know it was late and 2. He was asleep and or medicated/stoned/sick when I got to the door so it took him a few minutes to even believe that the pizza was his and to finally sign the receipt.

Malibu Ken ran around all night with what looks like a pen with a glowing blue tip on the end and lets out little puffs of wispy smokey stuff. Apparently it's a smokeless cigarette. I told him he looked dumb. He said he's trying to quit smoking. It was actually pretty funny that as soon as he started talking about it Day Driver and Whiner decided they want one too; they don't really want to quit; they just want to look cool (apparently it's cool now to be trying to quit smoking, not actually quitting, not actually smoking, but to perpetually be trying to quit so that they can use cool smokeless cigarettes and such).

It is official. Stoner Manager, Bambi, and Little Nicky are leaving at the end of the month. Word is that Day Driver may be made a shift-leader. I'm not sure that that's a good idea since he has zero leadership skills (he's only 19), but it's not my decision to make. In approximately October I'll be transferring to a store further south. I'll have been at almost exactly a year delivering pizza at that point.

$65 off 11 deliveries (6 deliveries tipped $5 or more! Gold Stars to all of those customers)

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