Sunday, August 2

8/01 I Love You

I love delivering to drunk people. They usually tip better, they provide me with a brief source of amusement, and they make me realize how much less of a mess I am when I'm drunk.

When I first drove up to the house I was expecting anything but what I got. There was a city police car parked outside and three giant flags (on properly lighted poles) protruding from the garage. I was expecting some super-patriotic middle-aged veteran/police officer. What I got was a younger guy (I would hazard a guess that he was barely old enough to legally drink anyway). He had some sort of military tattoo on his chest (a globe and some other official-ish looking stuff) and drunkenly handed me the money (a $4 tip included). Then as I walked off he shouted "I love you." All I could do was laugh and keep on walking.

In unrelated news:
  • Stoner Manager and Bambi have decided not to move away which also meant that Little Nicky's going-out-in-flames-getting-fired was called off.
  • Happy Bopper's going away to college in a few weeks, I don't know how we're going to keep the Boppers in line without her
  • Ferngully was sporting two Scooby Doo bandaids.
  • The pen an awesome customer gave me when my last one ran out died. Luckily the customer who experienced the death of my pen gave me a new one (and $6). Gold star for him!
  • Other Chick Driver drank the rest of my good beer (anyone want a free Sierra Nevada? I don't want it, but it's free to a good home) without asking.

Made $44 off of 10 deliveries tonight. I kept track of the customer totals just for fun and they added up to $271 which means that I was tipped 12% of their total (my gas reimbursement being removed from my cash-out total).

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