Monday, August 31

8/28-30 You Have Not Been Abandoned

I know I haven't posted in a while, I was on vacation for a week (which was awesome by the way). I ate lots of pizza on my vacation.

Friday night I took seven deliveries in three runs starting with an awesome quad. El Jefe tried to split it up into two doubles but I fought him (two each on two adjacent streets). He said we should go ahead and provide "excellent service" to those customers and send two drivers and I countered that I provide excellent service to all of my customers.

Amusing: A girl in purple skinny pants with zippers everywhere. I want a pair (more than that I want to be able to pull something like that off).

$26 off 7

When I got to work on Saturday they weren't ready for me to clock in yet as there had been a few carryout orders but no deliveries. Our store has a ridiculously high percentage of carryout orders (>50%). When I did get to clock in it wasn't really for deliveries, it was so that I could help on makeline. Corporate has been running some ridiculous specials and it makes makeline superfun. For example our current special calls for "unlimited" toppings and people take that as a license to order bizarre combinations.

Saturday's bizarre combinations:
sausage + mushrooms + green olives + tomatoes + pepperoni + anchovies + banana peppers
beef + bacon + chicken + mushrooms + onions + pepperoni + extra cheese

  • Delivering to some sort of computer chop-shop
  • Robot Bopper yapping to Goofball about bird mating rituals as they both waited to clock in
Not amusing:
  • Took a lot of far-away deliveries for relatively low tips. I guess they didn't get the "add a dollar if you live more than 5 miles away" memo.
$43 off 11

Sunday was another shift I had to wait to clock in, which was frustrating though once I did clock in it was nonstop till about 9. I got a couple of big tips, both came from pre-tips (when they tip online at the time of ordering instead of at the door). I thoroughly recommend pre-tipping, it lets me prioritize my routes more accurately. I generally take routes in this order: high pretips, known good tippers, acceptable pretips, cash/unknown tips, known bad tippers, unacceptable pretips. Extreme geographic inconvenience is the only thing that messes with that order.

$39 off 9

In other news: I haven't heard back from the location nearer to where I'll be living. I'm going to go bug them on lunch to find out where I stand. It's a waste of my time to drive an hour each way just to deliver pizza.

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