Monday, August 10

8/9 Is it Football Season Yet?

I opened with MonkeyWrench (aka DirtyStripper) yesterday. I like her on a personal level...well, sortof...but being trapped in the store with only her for hours is a little grating on the nerves. In between bouts of "Why Her Life Sucks" and stimulating intellectual conversation on why she hated Watchmen (she took her four kids under the age of 8 and thought Dr Manhatten should have been better hung) I spent a lot of time under the driver-station playing on my iphone.

  • A customer had two (working) Star Trek arcade games taking up most of his tiny living room
  • Crew pie- I can't adequately describe the joy of having free-reign on a pizza
  • A completely unexpected $5 tip from a previously problematic customer (last time they ordered a half meats/half veggie and skinny bopper didn't cut it exactly down the middle so they made me take out a remake)
  • A "verbal tip"* from a customer *this is when customers think that telling me what a great job I did is substitute for the tip; that somehow the enormous pride I will have in a job-well-done is as satisfying as getting money.
  • Delivering to an industrial area on a Sunday - there are too many blunt objects/chainsaws/heavy crushing equipment (with which to kill me), too many convenient drains (into which my blood can be washed), and too few witnesses for my comfort
  • A customer who swore she told MonkeyWrench she was paying by check and acted like I was accusing her of something by calling in to pre-authorize the check. Her response was "but I tipped on the check" like somehow tipping meant the rules didn't apply to her.
Made $25 off of 8.

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