Friday, August 7

8/6 Commando

"You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure."
-Zig Ziglar

My interpretation: You can't successfully climb the ladder to put the dishes up if your pants are falling down.

Speaking of my pants falling down...

I took my uniform with me to Primary job yesterday so that I could go strait from work to work. Unfortunately I forgot two key items one of which is very useful in concealing the lack of the other: underwear & belt.

So I went through my entire shift trying to keep my pants up.

Things that amused me:
  • Ferngully and her orange sneakers. She looks 13. It's adorable. I wouldn't let her deliver at night, but she's still adorable.
  • Two (!!!) check writing customers that gave me good tips.
  • A picturesque farm. I drive up to see a golden retriever and another dog running along a fence, a big tomcat laying in the yard, a half dozen chickens (the cute red and brown kind), and two horses peeking out from inside a barn.
  • Cows! Lots of tiny new baby cows that I just wanted to hug. Lots of happy loving mama cows nuzzling the baby cows. A couple of cows playfully butting heads. Cows grazing in a field of thick green grass. Cows laying down in the grass. (I swear someone someday is going to let me actually meet a cow and I'll be done with this weird fascination I have with them)
Things that did not amuse me:
  • My first delivery tipped only a dollar. I know the pizza was late but were busy. I took it as soon as I clocked in and it's a long way to drive. Yes, I know this out-of-area neighborhood is now in-area, but I still don't appreciate the theft of my time. Maybe she should save herself the dollar (since she obviously needs it's three buddies so much) and hop in the car, drive fifteen minutes to the store, pick up her pizza, and drive fifteen minutes home with the pizza cooling off in the passenger-seat since she doesn't have a hot-bag.
  • Dishes. I still hate them.
Made $37 off of 8 deliveries (an awesome average of $3.50 tip per delivery).