Monday, August 10

8/8 Argumentative

Saturday night I got pulled aside and "talked to" by ArmyCook. I was working on my end-of-night-job (stocking the Pepsi cooler) and two deliveries were up and ready. I was the only driver in the store. I went to check out the deliveries thinking that I'd get two more in before I left (I could definitely use every bit of money I can get). The only problem was that I needed a cash drop (when the computer decides that I have too much money in my possession and wants me to hand some of it over) and that is something only a manager can do (on a side note, I don't actually turn over any cash since they can "drop" my credit card receipts, making this whole procedure moot). I asked ArmyCook for a cashdrop and he refused saying that another driver would be in in a few minutes to take the delivery. I argued with him.

I argued that I need the deliveries because I need the money.
I argued that there's no point being there if he's not going to let me do my job (and I really do consider my job to be delivering despite all the other things I do because I'm getting only sub-minimum wage for all the other crap).
I argued that because I didn't come in until 4:30 instead of the 11:30 I was scheduled for (long story) as requested by El Jefe, I was entitled to continue taking deliveries (and labor would have been ridiculously high had I come in early).
I argued that it's bad customer service to let the pizzas sit there when there's someone available to take them.

I argued and ranted and raved but never got anywhere. Eyebrows ended up getting back a few minutes later and took the deliveries (one was a $5 tip). I was pissed. I'm still pissed.

Later, ArmyCook was cashing me out and lectured me somewhere along the lines of (imagine this coming out in a nails-on-the-chalkboard whiney voice):

You always do this to me. You always take that one last delivery and leave my late drivers standing around with nothing to do. You always argue with me instead of just doing what I say. Labor's really tight this week and I need to go ahead and send you home. Also you *always* do this....blah blah blah...whine whine whine

My counterarguments:
  • This is how I am, argumentative. Deal with it. If you want my respect earn it. I don't do "because I said so" and if I don't think your reason is good enough then see the beginning of this sentence. Be prepared, be persuasive, be right.
  • The late drivers can clean therefore saving labor by getting the closer out of there faster. (Within certain rules) I will always choose my money over another driver. I expect the same from them; I expect them to choose money over me. Therefore, I have no compassion for "you're leaving them with nothing to do." I'm not being mean, I'm just choosing my money over them.
  • It is bad customer service to let the pizzas sit there, even for a few minutes, when there is someone available to take them. The job isn't about cleaning or labor or anything else (though those are important). The job is about customer satisfaction; delivering quality product as fast as possible.
In the end I got a solid $51 off of 10 deliveries (but it could have been $59 off of 12).

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