Thursday, August 6

8/5 I Take No Excuses

Last night was shitty.

For most of the evening the drivers table was covered with stacks of folded medium boxes stacked way more than the usual ten high. This was inconvenient for a couple of reasons. The first is that it covered the map. I'm pretty experienced now, so I don't NEED the map, but I like the reassurance of looking where I think a street is and confirming that it's there. Second, the boxes left very little room for getting orders together and into hot-bags. The precious little space left was big enough for one hot-bag and located directly below the computer and directly in front of the telephone, both of which were occupied by Eyebrows.

On my first 5 deliveries I averaged $1 tip per delivery (one stiffed me and one gave me $2). $1 is a pathetic tip. It's really not a tip at all. It's a slap in my face. It's someone wanting to stiff me but not wanting the guilt so they give me a dollar. I come off of deliveries like that feeling like they wasted my time and they have. Those customers wasted my time in making me bring them their pizza. They obviously have no respect for my time or efforts. I take no excuses.

The rest of the night didn't get much better. I discovered that our newest apartment complex was designed by someone who was obviously drunk. The complex is divided into two sections that are unconnected by roads. One section contains buildings 1-6 the other has buildings 7-12. Each section has its own gate and call box. There is no standard code to get in which means that I have to either catch someone coming or going through the gate or use the box to call the apartment to have them buzz me through. The problem comes in when I had called and got buzzed in to the wrong section because I was calling from the box for the wrong half. I then had to go out, call the customer again, and get buzzed in again. Am I wrong that the halves should either be connected or it should be impossible for someone in buildings 1-6 to open the gate for buildings 7-12 just because their guest called from the wrong box? Shouldn't there at least be some sort of warning/instructions on the call boxes?!

I came out with $31 off of 10 deliveries.

Damn the Man: I had trash as my end-of-night job and I was dumping one trashcan into another (to keep from having to change the bag) and ended up dumping a bunch of flour (or whatever the stuff we use to do dough) on the floor. I moved the trash can on top of it so I wouldn't have to sweep it up.

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