Monday, August 17

8/14-16 The Whole Weekend

Friday: We have a new Bopper, Bopper-Who-Whines-About-Boxes, Bwwab for short. I had to drive him home while I was running a couple of deliveries to his neighborhood. He sang along to the Metallica song on the radio and when he got out of the car told me to "have a nice life and do lots of drugs." This kid confuses me. The meaner I am to him, the nicer he is to me. It's as if the weed didn't just kill his brain cells, it also warped the remaining three.

I ran into Big Black on the side of the road. I was driving through his neighborhood and two guys were drunkenly standing on the side of the road and one of them starts waving at my car and getting in front of me. I go around him but take a second look and realize it's Big Black, so I come to a screeching halt, roll down the window, and chat for a while. He's going to eventually be delivering again though I am pretty sure I'll have transferred by then.

As far as work goes, we were BUSY. I took 17 deliveries (for a total of $67) which included a quad and two triples.

Saturday was Happy Bopper's last day; she's off to college. Awwww, proud tear.

I saw a St. Bernard at a customer's house. I feel sorry for it because of the heat. I would never get a dog that furry to live down here. It's almost cruel.

Made $29 off of 9 deliveries and ended my night with a stiff, which sucked. I appreciated that the woman gave me 7 cents so that I could give her $6 back so she could stiff me down to the last penny. Would have infinitely preferred a tip, but there has to be something to be said for someone who's unapologetically stingy. It leaves no ambiguity in my future decisions on whether to give that house good service or not.

Sunday: The day started off weird. First Monkeywrench was late to work. Then, while I was prepping, she got a call from someone that had to be a scammer. I don't know quite what the scam was. I don't think it was the usual call-in-a-carryout-and-never-pick-it-up teenager scam. Maybe money laundering?

We were pretty slow, so Monkeywrench sent me home around one. Then business picked up and she called me back in at four (lucky I answered my phone!). When I got there both the prep and delivery screens were full. I spent a good half hour on the makeline before any of the deliveries were even ready. Part of the problem is our current corporate special (besides bringing out all the cheapskates) encourages people to order ridiculous amounts and combinations of toppings. Some examples I've seen lately:
  • Double beef + pineapple + banana peppers
  • green peppers + pepperoni + 1/2 green olives + 1/2 ham + jalapenos
  • triple pepperoni (physically impossible btw) + extra cheese
I made a $38 off 11 between the two halves of my shift.

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Patrick said...

triple pepperoni is totally possible if you layer! lol...

I know... I used to make pizza, and when I cooked for me, it was always quadruple pepperoni