Sunday, August 2

8/2 Ethics

Today was not only boring but also fairly uneventful except for my last delivery. I went to the door and the woman came to the door with exact change. The problem was that whoever had called it in had paid with a credit card. I asked her to sign the receipt thinking that she'd realize that it was paid by credit and not give me anything. Instead she hands me the credit card receipt (filled in zero tip) and exact change cash.

I know what I should have done. I should have reiterated that it was paid for on the card and hoped that she gave me some of the cash as a tip (Though with a 10 and 2 ones I would have been even optamistically tipped $2).

I feel guilty but at the same time it really isn't my fault she doesn't know how paying works. Also if she had been intending to tip I would have declined so much additional money.

What would you have done?

Same neighborhood, previous delivery a woman tipped me two dollars to make up for the last time I delivered to her and she stiffed me "because ordering pizza was a spur of the moment thing and she didn't stop at the bank for cash." A whole two dollars, you can bet she got the cold "thanks" as I walked away. Lame.

Made $44 off 8 deliveries in 5 hours.

Damn straight this came from my iPhone

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