Saturday, September 5

9/4 escape artist

Most of the time I find ways to stay longer and take more deliveries. Last night I was itching to get out of the house and see a movie (saw Gamer which was none of the good fun that the trailer implied). After waiting to clock in or a while I took six deliveries and was ready to go. I knew that once the Cowboys game picked up that we'd get busy, so I made sure to find a lull, get my end-of-night job done and ask to leave. I got out of there at around 7:30.

Amusing things:
Malibu Ken and hanging out with him prior to my shift. We played a game of "who's had sex in the smallest car.". I won.
A kid who yelled back at his mom to ask permission to sign the credit card receipt an then gave me a five dollar tip.
Day Driver was baked. It was a little funny because I was trying to sweep and he was trying as hard as his stoned brain could to stay out of my way, but he always ended up inadvertently standing in one of my piles.

Ended with $23 off 6.

Damn straight this came from my iPhone

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