Tuesday, September 8

9/6 Open With Monkeywrench

I have found that I actually like opening with Monkeywrench. She helps with prep. Not only that, she has no problem doing more than just the easy stuff. She prepped onions and tomatoes, two of the messiest, most labor-intensive bits of prep. She griped with me about the shitty job that ArmyCook did on closing (DayDriver was closer Saturday, was high as a kite, left mopwater in the bucket, didn't take out the trash, dishes were so disgusting that almost half of them had to be rewashed). I am amused (and appalled) that she only knows of Muse from Guitar Hero and took it upon myself to educate her. I made $36 off 11 deliveries.

There is a serious downside to opening with Monkeywrench, which is hearing about her on-the-job drug/alcohol use. I really don't have a problem with people getting high. I don't have a problem with in-store people being high on the job as long as they can do their job. I have a serious problem with people getting behind the wheel high or drunk. DayDriver was driving high Sunday (and Saturday and Friday). Monkeywrench admits to being high/drunk/on seriously potent pain meds which driving (she even keeps a bottle of booze in the car with her). I feel like I should talk to El Jefe about this and hope that he'll keep me out of it when he brings it up with them. They put a lot of people's lives at risk when they drive like that. They put my life and my children's lives at risk. I would never drive while impaired (I once called in because I was loopy off Excedrin). Am I being unreasonable to expect our delivery drivers to be sober?


jbo said...

absolutly not and i hold this close to my heart myself since one of my friends was just killed in a head on collision by a drunk driver. i would definitly say something if i was in your position

Tyler said...

You've gotta say something. I'm thinking not just to your boss (the person will continue to do this even if they get fired) but to the cops.

Gypsy said...

If you say nothing and this person causes and accident in which anyone is hurt or killed... can you live with it? I don't know you personally and only just started reading your blog, but I'm thinking it's not in your nature to shrug that off and forget it.