Tuesday, September 22

Pictures - Pink Blowies and A Dark Road

A pretty pink blowie. There were a few of these off some weeds in a lady's yard. She gave me a pitiful tip, I made sure to spread some of the beauty in her yard.

The mess I have to clean up after massacring tomatoes.

The driveway for a house out in the country. The house numbers on this county road are wonky so I ended up missing the driveway and having to call.

J/K's legs on a slow Saturday chilling under the driver station.

A statue on a customer's porch. I love the way she looks like she's been split in half and is reforming with goo.


Dream Girl said...

Only the last two pictures are showing up!

Unknown said...


Thanks for the heads up! I had tried to grab some pics off my Twitpic and it seems they broke. Everything's from my Flickr now so they should stay up into eternity.

Dream Girl said...

Yup, fixed! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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