Monday, September 14

9/13 Eyebrows Gripes

We are located in a fairly small shopping center as I'd imagine most pizza places are. We have four or five parking spots right in front of the store and these spots are unofficially the "carryout customer" spots. There is an unspoken understanding that employees park in any spot other than the customer spots. Eyebrows has taken to constantly parking in the closest customer spot to the door and I've been holding my tongue about it. No one wants to be that uncool kid who cares about customer service. But at the same time, I find his parking there to be incredibly rude and inconsiderate. We're getting paid to be there, we're getting paid to make it as easy as possible for customers to come get pizza. Essentially he is getting paid to walk his lazy ass the ten feet from the acceptable parking spaces to the door.

Another Eyebrows gripe: he tried to trick me into switching shifts with him. He called me up Saturday night to ask if I wanted to trade. I asked him what his shift was, he didn't know. I asked him what my shift was, he didn't know. I told him to call me after he'd looked up the exact times of our shifts and then I'd give him an answer. He wanted to switch my opening shift for his his closing shift. Um, no!

And it's a good thing we didn't switch because yesterday afternoon was crazy busy. We hit a football/lunch rush that killed us (it was just me, Day Driver, and Stoner Manager). Eyebrows is slow as shit at the best of times, stress him out a little and he's likely to stand around for an hour talking to himself (or his bluetooth, we don't know yet if there's anyone on the other end).

Tips were pretty good all day. I took a catnap under the driver's station between the football/lunch rush and the early dinner rush. Saw a couple wearing those umbrella hats on the side of the road. Is there a universal consensus that those hats are lame?

I made $88 off of 21 deliveries.

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