Monday, September 21

9/19 Store Gossip

I'm starting to get tired of work. I'm afraid that I'm getting burnt out again. I spent most of the day ready to go home already and fortunately we were busy enough that I was able to spend most of the day on the road.

Store Gossip:
  • Thing One almost got fired. He has a habbit of no call-no showing and then coming in five hours late when his girlfriend is scheduled.
  • Monkeywrench broke off her front tooth. It's kindof gross. That's what she gets for doing drugs that rot your teeth.
  • Bambi has a new hole in her face.
  • Lil Nicky's psycho girlfriend is supposedly going to start working here. I can't wait to transfer.
  • Speaking of...still pestering Big Red, the GM of the other store to bring me on.
  • Big Black is coming back, finally.

I made $83 off of 22 deliveries.

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