Sunday, September 20

9/19 Wanna See A Snake?

Another long night.  Monkeywrench stood up for me and told ArmyCook to take me off dishes and put MexiDriver on them, but somehow I ended up on dishes anyway.

The customers were pretty good to me tonight, I had 8 $5 tips!  I was only completely stiffed once.

-pack of chihuauas barking at me in the trailer park, I think they're feral
-the Longhorns beat Texas Tech!
-I was listening to the radio and one of those txt-to-win things came on and I won!
-delivered to a group of people chilling in the garage watching the game and one of the guys says "Wanna see a snake?" I had no idea I he had a snake or was about to show me his penis.  Luckily it was an actual snake.

Not amusing:
-bugs, the variety of bugs I've seen around has increased, now it's not just crickets, but also beetles and moths and gnats and little green flying things.  I love summer, but I can't wait till a hard freeze kills these things
-I'm super tired.  Working 20 hours a weekend is starting to wear on me.

Made $83 off 17 deliveries. 

Damn straight this came from my iPhone

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