Friday, February 26

2/25 Quick Update

Just a short update. I only took two deliveries last night because we were slow again (and this week in particular I don't mind going home early). It's funny because I got lucky with a really close together double, literally around the corner from each other. Somehow I ended up switching the pizzas, but they were really cool about it and it took all of 3 or 4 minutes to sort it out.

I made $10 off of 2 deliveries.

After tonight's shift I'll be off for the weekend for my birthday (I'm 5^2!). I'll try to blog tonight's shift tonight, but if it ends up way after the weekend I wouldn't be surprised.


Geoffrey Burrows said...

Happy birthday for the weekend! I hope that good times ensue.

akuban said...

Happy birthday! Hope you're having fun.

Rosa said...

Happy Birthday!