Sunday, February 14

2/13 My Heart Container's Made of Pizza

Saturday was my last day in Podunk. I'm glad that of all the managers it was Army Cook that had the shift. We were getting along rather well. The customer's weren't bad. Lil Nicky came in at noon and we were busy enough to need him. I got prep done in time to chill out under the drivers' station one last time and get a bit of reading done just before the late afternoon rush. There are a lot of things I will miss:
  • The sprayer for the dishes.
  • Lil Nicky randomly walking up and saying, "God [PizzaGirl], you're such a douche!" Which is a bit of an inside joke.
  • Sleeping under the drivers' table (the new store has these horrible metal bars to create slots for bags making it impossible to sleep there).
But, there are lots of things I won't miss and I'm glad that I've made the decisions that I have. It's funny because all during my last shift I felt like I was seeing signs that told me it was better off that I go. It started with a mysterious wrist tattoo (which I was later informed has something to do with some sort of Scandinavian rock band). Then there was "Cerete not Cerp" written in chalk above someone's doorbell. Right after that I had to deliver to the duplexes and after walking past lots of dead vegetation I found that the peephole on the door was circled over and over again in yellow crayon.

I guess I should also say that there was a holiday this weekend. It involved heart shaped pizzas.* Per Army Cook we're not supposed to cut them because "you wouldn't want to give people broken hearts". Beyond the cheesy pun, I guess I see his point that it doesn't look that much like a heart after being cut (not that it looked like one before being cut) but at the same time an uncut pizza is pretty damn useless. I ended up cutting them into quarters before he had time to stop me. I like to think that it's more romantic this way because it's like a full heart container made of pizza.

Only had one completely shitty customer. They pre-tipped a dollar. I pre-shook their soda.

I made $77 off of 11 deliveries. An average tip of $5.71 (helped out greatly by two $8 tips).

*To some of you this might be a dead giveaway as to where I work and I'll refer you back to my post on my Anonymity and ask that you keep it to yourself.

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