Friday, February 19

2/18 Another one of those boring nights

Wow, I wish I had something to write about but Thursday night was a lot like Wednesday night. I took six deliveries, one of which was a great tipper ($6). They're making me wear a nametag now (which I never had to do in Podunk) and this was the first customer to call me name. It was a bit unnerving. Other than that I had four $2 tips (I hate you special that encourage people to order just one pizza and therefore think that $2 is ok) and a stiff.

I kept having this fantasy last night of it being my last night delivering and since I wouldn't care about getting fired I talked to each one of those people (except gold star $6 dude) about adequate tipping.

I got $22 off of six deliveries. An average tip of 2.37.

Also, if you haven't seen my latest Slice article, I'm defending good tipping practices. I love the number of people who comment that they are good tippers, it makes me wish that I delivered the kind of pizza that foodies love and not the chain kind.


Hailey said...

i really like your blog (:
ill be reading.

go check out mine please?

i just started on here tho so its not as good as yours

Anonymous said...

Fellow pizza girl here,

I saw your post over at Slice, but I didn't want my comment to get lost.

Perhaps you can mention that some chains (Papa John's, notably) are not split-waging drivers like waiters. Ie, I now make $4.00 an hour with a slightly higher gas reimbursement ($.80 instead of $.50) for each delivery.