Sunday, February 7

2/6 Jolly Green Pushes Me Over The Edge

Jolly Green gave me the last bit of pushing that I needed last night to get out of there. I've resolved myself to a course of action. Here's my run-down (mostly so I have it in one place but it might give you some idea of the scope of this problem):

11/28 approximate date of pay-rate change
12/12 I find out about the pay-rate change and confront El Jefe.
1/3 Stoner Manager continues to clock me out early on runs. I confront El Jefe again. He tells me to unassign runs that Stoner Manager checks out to me. He tells me that he will tell the new general manager about the situation.
1/5 approximate date of manager switch from El Jefe to Jolly Green.
1/15 Army Cook continues to try to check things out to me early.
1/30 Jolly Green tells me that he is rewarding drivers who agree to route early by allowing them to take deliveries while checked in. He tells me that this is making them more money than I am making.
(2/5) possibly unrelated, Jolly Green, without explanation, stops scheduling me as the Sunday day person after months of me having the shift.
2/6 Jolly Green forces me to take two deliveries out of a triple because I won't route the third one until it is imminently coming out of the oven.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to talk to Little Yellow about moving over there for Friday and Saturday nights. I was planning on quitting Sundays anyway to spend more time with my children. That leaves only one reason to stay in Podunk, my Saturday day shift. I think that the negatives far outweigh the positives there. With that said, once I have confirmation that I have secured the shifts at the new store I will be placing a call to our district manager to explain why I left the Podunk store. I no longer care if I get Jolly Green in trouble. He has lost my sympathy.

Regarding my shift yesterday, it was pretty standard except for I ended up working 10 hours (so that Lil Nicky could go home early and throw a surprise birthday party for his best friend). I was feeling rather excited about my upcoming birthday for most of the day but this whole wage thing put a major damper on things. I just hope that when a resolution comes I'll find a way to make delivering fun again. Remember when this was fun?

I made $70 off of 17 deliveries.

P.S. On the new pay scale I made approximately $6.95 an hour, which is more than I made on the flat rate. I say this to illustrate that it isn't the money that I have a problem with but rather the fact that I have to play games and be okay with the fact that no one would be accountable for my pay rate.

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