Monday, February 1

1/31 Post-Jager Sunday Morning

I realized yesterday as I was walking back to my car from a delivery that I love my car. I really do. I feel like he's an extension of me. I know that a lot of people who spend so much time in their car feel like this. My car knows more of my secrets and has seen more of my tears than any person ever has. Which reminds me... he needs an oil change.

I always have such esoteric thoughts while hungover, which really is the most notable thing about my Sunday (damn you Jager!*). I was thankful it wasn't sunny, but it was cold and I enjoyed watching the wildlife be out. By wildlife I mean cows. I have a weird fascination with cows...and horses with jackets on...and little birds that puff up in the cold...and ducks that inadvertently line themselves up in rows in the retaining pond.

We were just steady enough that I never got to sleep it off under the driver station. I'm glad that I'm going to be dropping my Sunday shifts. I'm tired of going in and Goofball and Stoner Manager haven't gotten prep finished and so I get stuck doing it all. When I open on Saturdays prep and dishes are both always done before the second driver gets in.

I made $40 off of 12 deliveries. A crappy $2.04 average tip.

*Having random free-association thoughts. Anyone seen "Gamer"? You know that scene, the one where the whole thing becomes ridiculously implausible? I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it because the scene is genius like the moment in "Transporter 3" where he floats the car with the air in the tires. But somehow I can imagine my Saturday night ending with me trying the same stunt with my car and some Jager. Imagine.


Anonymous said...

I saw this linked on Serious Eats and when I saw the phrase, "I want to make "Austin's Weirdest and Most Delicious Pizza."", I knew I had to come read your blog, which is fantastic btw. As a fellow Longhorn I'm always looking for good places to eat, especially pizza joints. So, I'm just saying if you ever do open up that pizzeria, I'd totally be there.
What are some of your pizza joints in Austin?

Unknown said...

Anonymous: I haven't had a lot of time or money to explore Austin pizza yet (while not exactly new to the area, I've only slowly been able to get out). I liked the crust at Homeslice, I wasn't thrilled with Cajun Pizza Place (the place calling itself "Austin's Weirdest Pizza"). Eventually I'll get around to exploring. Next up on my list is Garlic Breath in Round Rock.

Ajathefairy said...

I completely understand your relationship with your car. It's the same for me. car is still not speaking to me since the ditch incident, but has painfully carried me 100 miles since. I swear there is a new squeak.

AZWaitress said...

I love my car too. From DDing in it to now just driving a LOT, I'm in it so much it's like my buddy to tell secrets to that provides me with comfort and good tunes :P