Saturday, February 6

2/4 2/5 Two Shifts, Two Stores

I know I'm running a bit behind, so here goes for Thursday:

I worked at the new store. I took six deliveries, discovered a death-trap of a road called Hairy Man Rd, delivered to some lesbian Wiccans and came out of their apartment smelling like incense but $10 richer because I chatted them up about their tarot cards, and delivered twice to the apartment complex that I had the weird experience in. I wish I could power-wash my memory of that place.

I made $36. $4.71 average tip.

Friday night I worked in Podunk.

I took 8 deliveries including two to a little circle neighborhood. The first one didn't have a house number and I ended up trying two of their neighbors' houses (who also didn't have house numbers) before finding the correct house. When I rang the doorbell at the first wrong house more than 20 yippie dogs rushed the screen door and pushed it open. Now I know why they had the gate wired shut. The house looked clean though, so I guess whoever it is is doing okay with so many dogs; it didn't look anything like what I've seen on Animal Cops for people that hoard animals.

On my last run I thought I thought I was doing the team a service by delivering to the duplexes that never tip on my way back from another delivery, but in a turning of the tables, the first delivery (a sour-looking pregnant lady) stiffed me and the duplexes actually tipped me.

There was also a bit of drama about dishes. Jolly Green assigns me dishes every Friday night. He's told me that he does this because he "uses up everyone else during the week". Whatever. Just wait till tomorrow's post and you'll discover the depths of my hatred for Jolly Green right now. Anyway, he assigned me one of the boy boppers to assist on dishes. I asked him to do a simple task, start rinsing the dishes while I collect the rest of the dishes from the front. He rinsed (inadequately) three dishes and when I came back I found him running dishwater. I may have been a little harsh when I kicked him off the dishes. He sure wasn't complaining though. If I'm going to be on dishes they're going to be done my way even if I have to do them by myself.

I made $31. $2.58 average tip.

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Ajathefairy said...

Do you know how much I used to watch Animal Cops? It's mainly because I was watching for my neighbors to be on there because those guys actually come to my town.

Anyway....I like to hide in the back and do dishes to collect my thoughts sometimes. We just spray 'em down and then put 'em in a machine that runs for about 75 seconds. Tonight I had to use everything in me to not fight a woman tonight. She wasn't a customer, she was in front of me at the light I use to enter the parking lot of my store (in a strip mall). She stopped in the middle of the parking lot (after almost making us miss the light for her slowness) and I went around her. It's not my fault my car squealed at her as we went around her SUV (with a bumper sticker that said 'Austen'). As I was getting out of the car she pulled up to me and said "Do you know how dangerous you are?!" I replied, "Do you know how slow you were going?" She said "I did it on purpose, BITCH!" and drove off.
5 minutes later she came in the store and told the manager I almost sideswiped her (not even close to being true).
The point....instead of beating her up I did the dishes. (And I really, really wanted to beat her up.)