Thursday, February 18

2/17 Bye Bye Manwhore2

I only took two deliveries last night, almost not enough to even write a blog about. They were both pretty easy. One was to the grocery store down the road. Our bopper took down her drink order as Dr. Pepper, which we don't carry, so Little Yellow made me take one of each soda and find out what she wanted when I got there (she wasn't answering her phone). You bet I made that bopper carry the sodas out to my car and put away the unneeded ones when I got back.

Apparently Manwhore2 no longer works there. He was entertaining. Oh well. I hope he finds lots of ladies to charm at his new job.

Little Yellow and I had a talk about scheduling. He says I may get that Saturday day shift sooner than I think. I rejoiced.

$9 off of 2 deliveries. An average tip of $3 (the math works out like this, $4 + $2 + (2x$1.29)= $8.58, we round up).


Geoffrey Burrows said...

Slow night. I hope you see a few more deliveries in the future. (crosses fingers, hoping for tips)

Unknown said...

Geoff: Thanks, it didn't happen last night, but I think we're a bit overstaffed on drivers right now. Once that drops down, things should get better for the rest of us.