Wednesday, February 24

2/24 Snow Day

Yesterday Austin got a rare snow. Everyone freaked out, including me. Well, I didn't freak out, but I don't like snow and I'm not a great driver (I'm not one of the stereotypical bad delivery drivers that speed and cut people off, it's more that I'm not a terribly skilled driver), so I wasn't looking forward to delivering in the stuff though I was hoping that due to the unusually bad weather people would come through with the tips, and for the most part they did.

I took 11 deliveries including a quint. Drivers were taking up to seven deliveries at once. Estimated delivery time was two hours. At one point Little Yellow told people to stop answering the phone and just let them ring so we could get caught up. I did everything at one point of another, I answered phones, worked makeline, slapped dough, cut pizzas, prepped (they had prepped for a normal Tuesday and therefore ran out of just about everything, most of which is easily remedied by opening a bag but veggies take a bit longer to make).

My most interesting delivery was my next to last one. I was out on a double and I got to the first delivery and realized I forgot their ranch (I realized why I keep forgetting sauce cups over here, in Podunk the cut station was responsible for putting extra sauce cups in, but here I am). I grabbed my last free pizza card that I'd been hoarding and took the order to the door. I told the gentleman that I'd be happy to go back and get his ranch but if he wanted, instead, I'd give him a pizza on the house next time. Not only did he accept, but he handed me an extra $3 tip on top of the $3 he pretipped. I'm not above a little reciprocity.

Day Job Driver also had an interesting delivery but in a different way. He had two deliveries out to the same apartment complex and when he got to the first one no one was there, so he called the guy and it turned out that the guy was at the other apartment. He had ordered online then wanted to change the adress that it was going to, but he didn't make that clear to the bopper, so she put in a second order for the other apartment. So he had two orders, they were cash, it was obvious that one would be bad ordered, but when he got to the other apartment, the guy payed and then stiffed him. Day Job Driver just stood there at the door flabbergasted and said, "Really?! Nothing for the driver?" and the guy said, "I've got something for you" and slammed the door. Day Job Driver was still livid mad when he got back to the store. Granted, I would never question a customer that stiffed me, I just hang my head, forego the "Have a nice evening" and smile, and walk away, but I've wanted to say something.

I got $51 off of 11. An average tip of $3.35.


Ajathefairy said...

Your snow day was very different from mine. I was scheduled to close but was called at 10:30a when the opening driver didn't show up for the school order.
Rush was from 5:30 - 6:30 with a small hit again at 8. For the first time, I got to really know my GM when she went with me on a double. She's pretty cool.
I was tipped very well all day long and only stiffed by 2 out of 23 customers. (Even got $8 on a $24 tab!)
The snow was so beautiful -- the flakes were the biggest I had ever seen! I had no problems driving in it but there was an accident every 100 ft. Texans just don't know how to drive in snow and that was evident yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I grew up and currently own a small authentic Italian pizza shop and my best memories are delivering on the snow with my dad. Now my husband and I take our kids with us. It is great. Although I will say our last storm was a blizzard and I was amazed at the amount of stiffers out there!!!!
I don't care because I'm the owner but the customer doesn't know that and it pisses me off to know that I have employees on the road in bad weather taking food to people that don't want to get off their lasy butts and either cook or go out and they don't have the respect to throw them a dollar!

Unknown said...

Ajathefairy: our snowflakes were giant too. I felt like big fluffy slush-balls were falling from the sky.