Thursday, February 4

2/4 Yelling Manager and a Fairytale

It's been raining for at least a day straight now and yet last night was pretty slow, I only took 6 deliveries, though they were fairly good deliveries.

I met another one of the shift-leaders. Imagine a shortish white guy, shorter than me, who walks like he's about to "cap a fool" (if that is indeed how that phrase goes, I'm not really up on my slang), he wears his shorts just below his knees and his socks just below his shorts, he is incapable of speaking in a conversational tone at a reasonable volume, instead he artificially lowers his voice and barks everything, like the fake drill-sergeants in movies (I have no idea if real drill-sergeants do this but I imagine that they do not need to do anything other than raise their volume to inspire intimidation, I would certainly be intimidated, which is probably why I would be terrible in the army). I'm going to call him Yelling Manager. Other people who have nicknames now:
  • Insectosaurus - he's giant and never talks. I was trying to help out on make-line but there is only a very small corridor between the oven and the cheese-station and he was blocking the entire thing. I tried making a few pizzas but getting to the cheese was a hassle as he would not move even a little bit to allow me access.
  • PacMan - in honor of the hoodie he wears, is leaving in a few weeks (or so he says)
I made $33 off of 6 deliveries, an average tip of $4.21 And since I don't have any good customer stories of my own to tell I offer you Another Delivery Fairytale From AjaTheFairy:

The Tale of the Car Stuck in the Ditch

It was pitch black...I couldn't see anything. There were no house lights or street lights. My reverse lights could not penetrate the dark matter that surrounded us (me and my car). Backing out of a narrow mud driveway and cut the wheel 6 inches to the left about 5 feet early. It was the first time that I ever had to call the store and have someone come get the next delivery. The problem was it was 10 minutes to close and I was the only driver. It was my first time working a whole shift with the general manager, who came to get the last pizza. I am just glad the guys were not there to see it.

My car only had one wheel on the ground. I have never seen anything like it. My trunk was about 8 feet off the ground. I had 3 fat people climb on the back of the car and we still could not get the back end on the ground. My engine was touching the ground.

I didn't have the money for a wrecker, so I called my dad to bring some rope and our minivan. The problem is, I don't have a trailer hitch or ANYTHING to attach a damn rope to pull it out. We took a big gamble and used the back axle. My dad and my boss are mad at the homeowners because to their own admission it 'happens all the time.' I'm fine. The car is not speaking to me.
Total tip for the trouble: $1.47.

This begs the question: If national pizza chains have tens of thousands of drivers all over the country, why don't they have a deal with AAA? Even if the corporations didn't pay for it themselves, they could at least negotiate a discount for drivers to pay themselves. It would only take a phone call from one VP to another. It's a win-win


SkippyMom said...

Those are some sweet tips. Years ago [I mean eons] my husband used to deliver pizzas and he told me all about the non tippers [frequent] the change tippers [often] and the $1 tippers [usual] - he never got good tips and from what I read on the net it is still like that - I think it is awesome that you made $33 on 6 pizzas - is that normal?

Have a great day! I just found your blog and really like it.

Unknown said...

Skippy Mom: I get pretty good tips. I usually average between 2 and 4 per delivery. I've recently started delivering for a second store in the same chain and the tips seem to be higher in the new area.

Shawn Robare said...

This is a great idea for a blog and I'm really enjoying reading throught he archives (was tipped off by Gael at

Anonymous said...

AT&T cell contract has an option for Roadside Assistance for $3 a month. I've used it once, to pay for a tow when my car conked out on the Pizza Place parking lot. Turned out to be a dead starter.

Check with your cell phone provider, there might be a worthy deal there for you.