Sunday, February 7

2/7 Superbowl Sunday

Things were busy(ish) tonight. I told Jolly Green that won't be working there after next week's schedule is done. He seemed as relieved as I am about it. He doesn't know I'm still going to out District Manager about the problem... and then I'm washing my hands of it. If they don't fix it and another employee decides to complain and ends up taking them to court over it, I'll have laid the groundwork for a successful class-action lawsuit of which I'll be happy to claim my cut.

The tips weren't good, the number of runs wasn't good. Now that I think about it my tips went 2 5 2 5 5 2. I delivered a pizza to a woman surnamed Merkin, she was one of the $2 ones so I'm guess she wasn't vagazzling.

I made $28 off of 6 runs, averaging 3.38 a delivery.

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Ajathefairy said...

This was the slowest Super Bowl I've ever spent in a pizza place. I got there at 2pm and by 5:30p had only taken 3 deliveries. Rush hit at 6p and ended at 8p. The tips were super great but I couldn't get enough runs because there were so many drivers.
Turns out my big fat lesbian coworker still has a little bit of girl still left in her....tried to start a cat fight with me tonight! Raarrr...fffst! Yeah right, like she could take me.

Anonymous said...

I am also a pizza girl.
I like to entertain myself by making kissy noises at barking dogs, as long as the fence is high enough.
They bark more.
Out comes the owner, and says, SHUTTup!
Sorry I got you in trouble.
Stupid dog.
Don't know if this works for the postpeople, and know it won't on those SWOOPING birds who put the nest on the porch light.
(Or on blizzards or for lousy tips or people who drive like they can't.)
But gets me by.

Unknown said...

Anonymous: haha, when I go to a shitty tipper's house I try to antagonize their dogs as well :)

Anonymous said...

If a customer has a pet trying to get out the door and they're trying to block said pet WHILE WAITING FOR EVERY PENNY OF THEIR CHANGE, I talk to said pet. I tell them what a good dog/cat they are, how pretty, all in a soothing, "I want to pet you and feed you, and don't I smell wonderful?" voice. All while I'm *very carefully* counting change, and the customer is griping that it's cold outside (Duh?!), getting impatient to shut the door, to keep in the dog, to close the pneumonia hole I'm holding open. HA!

It's a small thing, and it has never net me a tip they had already decided not to give. But it makes me feel just a teensy bit better, at least for a few minutes.

And one customer, whom I *thought* had just tipped me the .55 in coin he had coming in change, actually called me back from my car in the freezing rain, demanding to know where his change was. Now, I honestly thought that was meant as a tip, since the customer's wife had closed the screen door with pizzas in hand and said "Thank you!" But no, obviously not.

When he demanded to know where his change was so belligerently, I was dumbfounded and embarrassed, and of course I apologized and explained what I had assumed. "Uhhh, NO." he scathingly replied. So he's sitting on his fat arse in his chair glaring at me, his wife is standing in the doorway shivering and saying "Oh my, it's raining even harder now... and it's gotten much colder!" while I only nod and very, very slowly count out his coin.

It took me nearly 90 seconds to count out fifty-five cents.

Next time I leave on a delivery to their address, I intend to open the hot bag and roll down the window.

Does this make me a bad person?