Thursday, January 28


The great thing about being in the car a lot of the time is that no one can see me cry and I have a lot of time to get my shit together between being in the store and being at a customer's home. I was crying because I was exhausted and my back hurt and I had a chill that I just couldn't shake.

The deliveries were nothing special. There are a ton of apartment complexes in our area, I'm not used to that, but I'm getting better at seeing the patterns and finding the broken gates.

NEVER EAT THE CHEESESTICKS AT THIS STORE! I was making cheesesticks and I ran out of butter-sauce. I asked where there was more prepped. They said the walk-in. There wasn't any prepped, so I got the big jar to prep some more. I ask Mama Bear where another squeeze bottle was. She said there wasn't one. I balked. For a minute I honestly didn't know what she wanted me to do, but it became clear soon enough that she wanted me to prep new butter INTO THE OLD BOTTLE. And then it hit me why the outside of that bottle was so dirty, they haven't washed that bottle in recent memory. If there is one thing like this, there are more, it's only a matter of time before I find more.

Speaking of culture shocks, Little Yellow is the kind of manager that corporations love and would run a small business into the ground. Upon discovering that he wasn't going to bonus because the store's quality score was too low, instead of increasing the quality, he put a sticker with the address of the store's secret shopper so that when they order their pizzas are perfect. This actually ties into something I observed earlier in the night with Primary Job Driver. We were on the make-line and I observed that the reason the crust on the pizza was too thick was because they were saucing with a 3/4 inch border instead of the 1/2 border that's standard. He commented that its so that they need less toppings and cheese. So there's reason #2 not to order pizza here.

I made $35 off of 8 deliveries, an average tip of $3.08


Ajathefairy said...

Haha..I was mortified to learn our dishwasher fills with water and then washes the dishes in the same water all day. They NEVER refill the water more than once a day. The dishes often come out of the washer dirtier than when they went in. Right there with you on the grossness of our corporate save-a-dollar tactics.
I can't believe your manager has the address of your secret shopper. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Unknown said...

Ajathefairy: That's sooo gross! I hate prepping into dirty dishes and if they're all bad will go as far as to wash a sink of dishes first thing in the morning to re-wash them. Of course I understand that your chain generates a ton more dishes than ours does. Goofball Driver delivers for your chain in Podunk and he says he loves to wash dishes at our store now because it's so much less than what he does at the other store. He takes advantage of other people whining to get them to pay him to do dishes.

somesoma said...

We have our secret shopper's address too. Ajathefairy's right about it defeating the purpose; HOWEVER, I got a $100 bonus for helping make a "10" that got delivered there two months ago, so I don't feel THAT bad about it!