Thursday, January 21

1/20 New Store, 7 Wrong Turns, and Mama Bear

Last night was my first night at the new store where I'll be picking up weeknight shifts to supplement my weekend shifts in Podunk.

I was warned about Mama Bear. El Jefe warned me that Mama Bear didn't treat female drivers well, and I can see that that's going to be true. It's not that she treats them badly, it's more that she treats the boys so well. She has them calling her "mom" and you can tell that she enjoys being the female of the roost. She also made me take out two sets of my earrings (I only have three) and tuck in my shirt (and yet somehow my hair and Stripes' hair which is midnight blue on each side with a bright purple mohawk stripe down the middle is ok).

There are other things I don't like about the store and I can't tell if it's just because I judge it harshly against my own store or if these are valid complaints. It smells funny. Their sinks don't have a sprayer and the dishes area is cramped. The pizzas didn't come out looking as nice. Their hotbags are different and do not accommodate parmesan and red pepper packets (probably why it's so hard for me to get them to bring them on deliveries). Their delivery area is huge and labyrinthine (I made 7 wrong turns during the course of my 3 deliveries). Their dispatch system is ridiculous: instead of a simple letter/number grid there are big numbered sectors that are numbered like 344 and 427 and each one of those big blocks has a smaller letter grid.

Tips seemed to be better. I averaged $4.21 per delivery to total $33 on 6 deliveries.

I guess only time will tell which things I will get used to and which things will continue to drive me nuts.


Ajathefairy said...

Those Mama Bears are not to be messed with. Not to be confused with the big fat lesbians who do not count as girls and are mean to the actual girls. Mama Bears cannot be won over. They will cost you money and screw you every chance they get. My advice, run away and don't look back.

Unknown said...

Ajathefairy: I think you're right. She's definitely not a bull-lesbian; she just really likes the male attention and I don't think she'll like me taking any of that away (though I'm sure I won't take that much away).