Thursday, January 21

1/21 Uno

I only took one delivery tonight. I made $3.50 in tips off of it (and walked out of the store with a bright shiny $5 bill). It wasn't in a maze, it wasn't far away. Mostly I spend my time folding boxes. Chatting with Manwhore2, who reminds me a bit of Robot Bopper if he had game and social skills. I completely wrote off the book he recommended once he learned I was a reader though. For someone who claims to be ADD, that is one dense book, even I didn't have the patience for it.

I also gained nicknames for a few people:
  • Calico - a girl with a name like a cat and who doesn't seem to interact with the world quite in a human way
  • Manwhore2 - did I mention he has a key tattoo and wears a key necklace? Symbolism overload
  • FannyPack Dude - because I don't know how he found a fanny pack big enough to fit around him
  • Dobby - his nametag is blank and when I asked him if they just summoned him out of the ether to fold boxes he answered in the affirmative, so I assume he's a pizza-joing house elf.
I think I figured out where the weird smell is coming from. I think the sink in the back runs sulfur water. Eww.


Ajathefairy said...

I guess the lack of pizza orders was universal in TX tonight. I was sent home after 3 runs. I walked out with $9. I think it's wrong when they take you out of line at 7pm to do prep and go home. I went to work just to get my clean shirt dirty.
I swear we live the same life.

Ajathefairy said...

Hey, I don't have your e-mail address but I was just reading your archive and found out about your wage problem. I was wondering if this wage structure was the idea of a local manager or if it was throughout the whole chain. Now I know. I work for your competitor. You are getting f&%#*ed. Your gas paid kicks ass compared to mine ($.83), but your company has for some reason decided not to pay competitive wages. Walk away.
All the people who work for your company in my town quit to work for my company.