Thursday, January 7

1/6 National Championship

As I write, UT is losing the national championships. Yes, I'm a bit sad, but I'll get over it. We were massively busy and the best parts of my night came while working in-store. Despite everyone being scheduled, there still weren't enough people doing dough, so I helped out there. I'd really like to get better at it.

Unfortunately, tip-wise, things were pathetic. I was stiffed three times. Two of those were people who were upset that their (hot) pizza took over an hour to get there when we told them that delivery time was over an hour. One was to a woman who touched the pen to the tip line and decided not to tip me after all. Her pizza wasn't even an hour out.

I did have two bright spots from the real UT fans. The first $5 tip came from people who left their burnt-orange Christmas lights and Christmas light longhorn up just for the game. The second was a big order to a house that had the TV turned up so loud I could barely hear the guy.

We have a new general manager, I think I'll call him Jolly Green.

I might actually be transferring to a closer store. At my primary job, my new trainee is a delivery driver for that store and I asked him to talk to his GM about getting me on. It's funny because he's delivered to me before (he's one of the ones who didn't bring Parmesan), so I started this out with a bit of resentment. I don't know why but I just can't let it go when things go wrong. I will note that he remembered me and that I tipped him $5 anyway.

I made a miserable $24 off of 7 deliveries. That's $2.13 average tip per delivery.

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somesoma said...

I worked the National Championship as well, only I'm in Alabama, so ROLL TIDE! Surprisingly, we were way busier for our in-state rivalry match-up (Alabama vs. Auburn, aka the "Iron Bowl") than the National!