Tuesday, January 19

1/17 Things That Make My Heart Hurt

This isn't my normal store gossip. I debated even writing this, but at the same time, this is what's going on at the store; these are the real-life stories and to be true to what I started this blog about, I need to get it out there.

Bambi and Stoner Manager are trying to have a baby.

A baby!

A whole person that would be entirely dependent on them.

In fact, they've already had one pregnancy that unexpectedly ended.

It hurts my heart a bit to think about. It's not that I feel like I have any sort of relationship with Bambi to try to tell her how to live her life, it's more that I know that neither of them are ready for a child and that she's in this magical fairy-land in her head where a baby is the next logical step.

I'm not that old and yet I know that at 19 I wasn't ready for parenthood nor a lifetime commitment to a mate. They are doing one and not even planning on the other (I completely dismiss their plan to have a long engagement and that they don't think marriage is necessary for a lifetime commitment. Not that I'm not saying it's not possible, I just know that those things are just words to them right now.)

I disapprove without it being my place to disapprove. I hope it works out for them, for both Bambi's happiness and the baby's (I have no doubt that regardless of the course this takes Stoner will make sure he's happy), but I have a feeling that she's going to realize at 23 that she tied herself down too soon.

All of this was revealed in a public discussion between Bambi, Cute Girl Bopper, and Gelwyn and I guess the biggest part of the problem I have with it all is the way Cute Girl Bopper looked at Bambi like she was the luckiest girl in the world, like she was living the dream, like she was a role-model for the way every young girl should live her life.

Ok, I've said my piece.

Sunday I:
  • Only had one stiff.
  • Delivered to a house that had paid in-store, so I had no idea till I got back to the store that they had tipped me $5.
  • Convinced Cute Girl Bopper to see what Elmer's Glue tasted like.
  • Had an interesting moment in which Eyebrows butted in on a discussion of "women's cycles" and I told him in no uncertain terms that he'll never be able to go pro with his vag expertise because there's no way any women except CamelToe is ever going to let him near her.
  • Visited the store that I will eventually transfer to. I have two shifts there this week and once a routine is established I'll drop my Sundays in Podunk. I met the store's manager (thinking of calling him Little Yellow since he's short and was wearing the ass-ugly yellow manager polo with a matching ass-ugly yellow hat), the store's Cute Girl Bopper (though Primary Job Driver says she's a driver), and their manwhore (who walked right up and introduced himself in a very "I'm gonna give it to you" way. Haha, if he only knew what I do to manwhores).
  • Made $60 off of 13 deliveries, an average tip of $3.32 (which is actually pretty frickin awesome)


Thumper said...

You never really know about people...no one thought I should get married at 20 and then when I got pregnant? Oh holy hell... Yet here we are 28 years later, still together, still happy, the kid turned out mostly normal... It can work.

Unknown said...

Thumper: I know :) I just can't help colouring it with my own experiences. I really do hope that it turns out ok. I was an "oh shit we're in highschool and pregnant" baby and not only am I (arguably) well-adjusted by my parents are together 25 years later. I hope she's lucky, because she certainly isn't thinking it through.

Ajathefairy said...

Closing on Tuesday night I made $55 with 14 deliveries. Couldn't break that $2 lull for the longest.