Monday, January 18

1/16 Rough Morning

I love the phrase "rough morning"; that's how Jolly Green described my hangover Saturday morning. It actually wasn't that bad, it was more the lack of sleep than the excess of alcohol that got to me. I was a bit grumpy though and my first delivery of 20 chicken wings where I got stiffed didn't help. I didn't get much less grumpy through the day. My only $5 tip was from the guy working the drop-off at the Goodwill across the street. He was hot and really nice though, so it lifted my mood just enough to put up with the snotty rich-kid that followed him up (the probably fourteen year old kid pulled out a money clip and still only tipped me a dollar).

Some store gossip:
  • Neither J/K nor Malibu Ken are on the schedule next week. Don't know if they both quit or what. Won't miss J/K, but Malibu Ken was such pretty eye-candy.

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