Sunday, January 24

1/24 Science Olympiad

You know it's a small town when the local highschool hosting the middle school Science Olympiad is the main article on the front page of the town paper. They ordered 24 pizzas in two shipments, 9 for the concession stand, 15 for the kids. You would think this wouldn't be that complicated. I get there with the first delivery (my arms and shoulders are still sore from walking so far carrying 9 pizzas) and my ticket says I need $60 cash. They say they have $40 cash that they were told by the person that ordered it covered everything. I call ArmyCook. He says someone called in a credit card for $47 and there would be a check to cover the rest. There is no check. I call back. He's being uncooperative about getting me the information that I need to not sound like an idiot. Finally it's decided that they will give me $48 cash and I'll get everything straightened out at the store when I go to get the second delivery. We straighten it out. They end up giving me a $15 tip (which I greatly appreciated because I would not have blamed them if they didn't tip after the cash mixup, not out of not having a desire to tip, but more because I know that schools have to really plan and account for their cash and may not have been able to). That was delivery #1 and #2.

#3 - Then I delivered to a woman who really really needed to take a shower. And she stiffed me.

#4 - Then Army Cook let me practice slapping some dough which was awesome. I really want to get better. I take every chance I can to watch them to improve my technique. I've gotten better at getting the dough through the edge-lock and stretching; I just need to work on getting all the air bubbles out and actually slapping it to size. I made an almost perfect one for the crew-pie and a passable but not good one for a customer's order.

Discovered that our chickenstrip pizza + a drizzle of buffalo sauce is pizza nirvana.

#5 - stiffed by a woman whose doormat said "Welcome to the Jungle" I know you're thinking this by honestly I could only think of this:

and this:#6 - A cow in the road on my way back. It was alive.

#7 - $12 from a guy who was working construction on a house. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure that I even delivered to the right house; I didn't get close enough to read the house numbers; but for that kind of tip I'd gladly deliver a remake to whatever pissed off person who never got their pizza.

#8 - $6 on a free order. I let her keep her free pizza coupon. Honestly, good tippers deserve free pizza.

#9 - ? don't even remember what was up with this one.

#10 - one of my favorite old ladies. She always orders a cinnamon desert pie and a mountain dew. I feel like I should be denying her for her own good but she tips so well that I look the other way.

$63 off of the 10 deliveries which is a spectacular tip average of $5 per delivery. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that I was averaging less than $3?

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