Monday, January 25

1/24 Cryptkeeper

My first delivery was to the actor that played this guy. He was speaking Italian (I think. It could have been old man gibberish) and foaming at the mouth. I wanted to hug him but was afraid I'd break him. I once had a physics professor at UT that looked the same way, inches from death. We had these ancient mechanically raised and lowered chalkboards. I was always afraid that one would fall and hit him on the head and he'd never stop bleeding. In that same way I was afraid that this guy would spontaneously spout a headwound.

Other than that, the most exciting thing to happen to me was bacon jalapeno cheesesticks. I haven't perfected the recipe yet, it needs something, maybe ranch. Can't decide if I want to do the ranch as the sauce or if I just want to dip in cold ranch.

The tips were good, just unremarkable. I made $64 off of 13 deliveries, a tip average of $3.76.

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