Thursday, July 29

7/26 7/28 Pretty Sure That Guy Was An Alien

It's my last week and I just can't bring myself to blog about it. It's not that interesting things haven't happened, they have, it's more that I can feel the end getting near and I almost don't believe it.

Monday I worked and it rained, not hard, but hard enough that we were extra busy. The store was running out of everything. We were out of ranch cups, medium dough, black olives, and were on on our last leg for onions and bell peppers. I didn't have a great night. The only thing keeping it even a good night was the fact that a good portion of my deliveries tipped well.

On my first run of the night I was sent out on a triple. The houses weren't near each other, but there was a straight shot from one to the next, starting just west of the store and stretching to the farthest northern neighborhood to which we deliver. The problem was that as soon as I turned westbound on the freeway access road I discovered that the storm had caused a railroad signal to malfunction, blocking traffic completely. I was penned in. I first called the store to warn the other drivers. Then I called non-emergency police dispatch to ensure that the rail company knew of the issue and that they were going to solve it as soon as possible. Then I called my customers to let them know the situation. My first customer still tipped me $1. Not only that, but my pen ran out of ink on that delivery and I had to go to my car to dig around for a pen, but when I got back to the door we says, "Oh! I guess I could have just stepped inside the study and gotten a pen." I hate that guy on principle for wasting my time in every way. The next two deliveries on my run were not only gracious about receiving late pizza, but tipped very well (the first was an $8 pre-tip, the second tipped $5). It took me more than an hour and a half from the time I left the store until the time I got back to the store. That's twice the amount of time this triple should have taken me and probably cost me at least one complete run.

I made $48 off of 10 deliveries, but I think I had 3 or 4 dollars in my pocket at the start of my shift, so that number isn't entirely accurate.

Wednesday night it rained as well, though only intermittently. I took four waste-of-time deliveries (tips were $1, $3, $1, $2). I was extremely drowsy. The only one i can remember was the last guy whose alien origin was made obvious by his imperfect imitation of human features and expressions and compounded by ordering nothing but three large pineapple & ham pizzas. I would have hoped aliens would tip better, but maybe on his planet they have different social customs, so I forgive him.

I made $12 off of 4 deliveries.

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