Tuesday, July 20

7/19 McD**'s Hole

9 Deliveries, in reverse.

9. Boring - $3
8. Boring - $4
7. pretended I didn't know my pen wasn't working and scored a new pen - $4
6. pen stopped working - $4
5. pretipped $1 - I made sure they got my last delivery, but it was a middle school kid who looked to be at home alone (parents probably ordered the pizza for him), so I'm not sure they got the message that they're cheapskates who deserve poor service
4. Boring - $2
3. A street named McD**'s Hole Lane. I know you know I took the dirtiest meaning of that which also means I wondered, what exactly is it about McD**'s Hole that deserves a street named after it? - $2.50
2. "Keep the change" - Gee thanks! - $1
1. Don't BLINK! - $4

I made $36 off of my 9 deliveries, an average tip of $2.71.


Unknown said...

DANG!! I am sorry you have been getting such crappy tips, but I thank you for blogging about them. I've never delivered pizza, but I've been a bartender for years. My husband doesn't understand why I tip 8 to 15 bucks to the drivers. I am always hoping that maybe the extra we give will round out their tip average to something that seems worth the effort! I cannot wait to show him this!

Unknown said...

Anne Marie: The tips aren't always so terrible. I'm glad you like my blog and it's good to know that some pizza dude (or girl) is getting the benefit of your bartending experience. :)