Monday, July 12

7/11 Back from Vacation

First, I know I've been a bad blogger. I skipped blogging a couple of shifts back there. Then I went on vacation. Now I'm back and just going to pick up like skipping shifts didn't happen.

When I got back into town yesterday I called to check my schedule and Little Yellow had not put me on it. However, he also didn't schedule any extra drivers for the World Cup finals, so Mama Bear and her two drivers were more than swamped. Delivery times were running in the two hour range. So Mama Bear asked me to come in right away and I did.

The customers weren't that interesting and I only caught the tail end of the craziness. In fact, I only delivered one pizza that was later than an hour. I left the store with two deliveries, one at 1:21 (hour twenty one), on at 38 minutes. The former pretipped $2; the latter pretipped $8. I took the higher pretip first even though it was half the age of the other.

Only got stiffed once. Highschool kid. Jerk.

I made $45 off of 10 deliveries.

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