Monday, July 19

7/17 You Can't Always Get What You Want

I don't know what was with people Saturday night, but they all seemed to want something more than pizza from me. Twice I was asked for cheese and peppers, once I was asked for extra garlic sauce cups, and twice I was asked for paper plates and napkins.

You may remember me ranting about drivers not carrying cheese packets. It used to be one of my pet peeves. In Podunk it was standard policy to not only carry them but to offer them with every delivery. I felt a strange sense of redemption when I was able to not offer them to stiffers, like I was somehow able to withhold from them something that might be vital to their pizza experience. However, at the new store, we charge extra for cheese and pepper packets. It's not a lot, 5 cents per cheese packet, a penny per pepper packet, but the fact that they're charged for means that I don't bring them with me. Bringing them along is further complicated by a different style of delivery bag which does not have a convenient pocket on the front for such extras. What I'm getting at is that I don't carry them and when asked I have to tell people that they must order them ahead of time.

The same thing goes with extra sauce cups. Besides those being ridiculously priced, I wouldn't carry extras even if I could. They would be disgusting after sitting in my car for even the few hours of a shift and they probably didn't tip me enough to deserve the trouble it would take me.

Regarding paper plates and napkins: I will bring them if requested. Unfortunately that request getting through to me is dependent on the Bopper who is taking the order finding and utilizing the "delivery instruction" area. The first guy who asked for plates and napkins probably really needed them. I was delivering 3 pizzas to an apartment complex pool. The guy asks me for plates and napkins. I obviously don't have them on me since I've already disgorged the contents of my bag and aren't exactly going to produce them from my cleavage. I tell him that he has to request them over the phone. He tells me that he did. I apologize that the phone bopper didn't pass on the note. He stands there and stares at me like there's something I'm going to be able to do about it, like I'm going to offer to go back to the store and get him complimentary plates and napkins or that I'm going to tell him his pizza's free for the inconvenience. Sorry dude, I don't care that the apartment complex is (literally) right next door to the store, you're $3 tip on a $36 order doesn't inspire me to go above and beyond. I walk away.

I made $39 off of 9 deliveries.

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